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Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha (society for the propagation of Ananda Marga), abbreviated as AMPS, is the foundation of Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar for which he is best known. Sarkar founded this global, socio-spiritual organization in Jamalpur, Bihar, India in 1955. From 1955 until his death in 1990, Sarkar frequently expanded the scope of AMPS and continually adjusted its inner workings.
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Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha consists of a conglomeration of 18 wings or departments under a single heading called AMPS General as well as a broad service-oriented department, the Education, Relief, and Welfare Section.

Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha General (AMPS General) consists of 18 departments—

1. Commerce 2. Construction 3. Dharma Pracar 4. Farm 5. Finance 6. Food and Care
7. Industry 8. ISMUB 9. Jagriti 10. Land 11. Master Unit 12. Press and Printing
13. Publications 14. Public Relations 15. Renaissance Universal 16. Society Building 17. Social Security 18. Women`s Welfare

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Algeria Region

Amsterdam Region

Bucharest Region


True or not, or something else? Week-end 25 – 26 July our small Study Circle group from Bucharest, explored the beauty and mysterious environment in Romania. There are places that are surrounded by mystery. Areas that generate controversy, legends and make scientists raise their eyebrows or frown over the paranormal manifestations. Are they true or not, or something else. Our group ..→

Frankfurt Region


AMPS Berlin Sectorial Office ( Germany) is the heart of Ananda Marga logistics in Europe and North Africa. It supports and coordinates the multi dimensional stream of activities and finances of Ananda Marga within these jurisdictions. Its structural reach and functions are linked with the AMPS Central Office in India. Currently (2020) the office ..→


Madhu Karuna ( Germany) is the place that rings the mind when we talk about Ananda Marga retreats in Europe. It has become a household name for spiritual retreats of Ananda Marga since it reached the continent. For years and years, Ananda Margiis from the continental Europe and beyond had come and enjoyed the center where the Marga Guru Quarter is one of its main spiritual asset ..→

Gibraltar Region


Ananda Cafe ( Portugal) was founded in 2012 to promote health and well-being through its sattvik vegetarian meals and delicacies. The aim of Ananda Cafe is also to serve as an open public space where people of all nationalities, background and professions, can meet and share different alternative ideas, while enjoying healthy, delicious food.

To make this ..→


Yoga Holistico ( Spain) Whoever wants to know me physically to do My Mission, who wants to know me mentally to study my philosophy, and who wants to know me spiritually to practice meditation." The victory will be yours. Shrii Shrii Anandamurti. We provide activities in Meditation and Sadhana Shivir, Organic Vegetarian Food and Workshop of satvic feeding, and Consultation ..→

London Region


Food For All ( England) We are a not-for-profit vegetarian/vegan health food shop that has served the people of Hackney for over 40 years and are committed to assisting the local community achieve optimum health and wellbeing through natural means. Our large product range includes wholefoods, superfoods, dry and fresh goods, supplements, body care, ..→

Moscow Region

Oslo Region


Ananda Marga Denmark (Denmark - AMPS) Ananda Marga is a yogic spiritual path. We teach yoga, meditation, organise yoga courses, meditation retreats, vegetarian cooking classes and various activities with spritual theme. All our activities are run on social service, non-profit basis.

Every Sunday at 4 pm we offer collective meditation. This is called Dharma ..→

Paris Region

Prague Region

Rome Region


Yoga Centre ( Italy) The spiritual philosophy of the Ananda Marga contemplates a set of practices for the complete development of our physical, psychic and spiritual side. The individual must have a healthy and flexible body, a strong mind and an elevated spirit. In this way all the highest propensities and the most genuine and altruistic attitudes will ..→


Rome Yoga Centre (Italy) In our centre we have any different activities: (1)Yoga for children: parents and children, (2) Family constellations (To heal the memories of the past and connect to the strength of the roots, transform negative attitudes and emotions that prevent positive change, find a new perspective and trust for the future), (3) Vegan dinner with concert, (4) Yoga ..→


Bologna services ( Italy) Ananda Marga Bologna deals with the distribution of hot meals, blankets and clothes for the homeless. The distribution takes place every Thursday evening in via del Porto 3 at the parish of San Carlo, around 21:00. The appointment for the preparation of food is at our office in via Gobetti 5 / d at 19:00.

Do you want to support this project by donating ..→

Stockholm Region


The GBTC Sweden ( Sweden) was established in 1976 by Ac. Dhrtibodhananda Avt. who was replaced by Ac. Dhruvananda Avt. in 1978. The GBTC Sweden is one of the original institutions set up under the direction of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, also known as Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar. It is the training center of future Acaryas of Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha (AMPS). The other ..→

Zurich Region