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Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team or AMURT is the disaster relief team of Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha. The team's mission is to improve the quality of life for the poor and disadvantaged people of the world.
What P.R. Sarkar wrote and said about AMURT and related issues.

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AMURT was founded by Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar in 1965. In 1985 they expanded their goals to include long-term development.


AMURT is working on the following principles—

  1. Every human being has the right to meet his or her own fundamental needs such as nourishment, accommodation, medical care, clothing and education. The resources of the earth should be used in a just and appropriate way to meet those needs.
  2. Every human being regardless of race, creed, gender, color or social status is a dignified member of the human family and should be treated with understanding and respect.
  3. It is only by showing respect for women, and ensuring their integration and active participation in the development process, that a harmonious growth of the family, community and society as a whole can be achieved.
  4. Development is a balanced process that maintains an equilibrium between industry and the environment, urban and rural growth, human needs and available resources. Development should lessen the gap between the rich and poor and provide opportunities for all.
  5. Appropriate development begins within the social and cultural framework of each community. It enables underprivileged communities to gain a greater degree of independence to determine their own future.



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Bucharest Region


AMURT Bucharest Apartment (Romania - marga) 3x "Social Apartments" for disadvantage youths (Bucharest). To infuse Romanian homeless youth with a purpose in life, empowering them to become responsible, mature, contributing members of the society, and attain personal socio-economic independence.

In this “Transitional Living ..→


Romanian homeless youth with a purpose in life (16 September 2009, AMURT - marga) AMURT Romania, to infuse Romanian homeless youth with a purpose in life, empowering them to become responsible, mature, contributing members of the society, and attain personal socio-economic independence. On 16th September 2009 AMURT ..→


AMURT Romania is a branch of Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team which is one of the few voluntary organizations of Third World origin. AMURT was established in 1970 and incorporated in Romania in 1990. AMURT Romania is a non-profit NGO – formally recognized as such by the United Nations through its Department of Public Information.

AMURT Romania has developed and managed two big projects: ..→

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AMURT UK ( England) was founded in June 1986. AMURT stands for Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team and UK denotes our location. ‘Ananda’ means ‘bliss’ and Marga ‘path’ in Sanskrit. AMURT UK’s projects in the UK consist of the homeless feeding programme, the Breakfast Kitchen and English classes in Liverpool and the Food For All health food shop, a not-for-profit limited ..→


AMURT North West is a branch of the AMURT UK (charity no. 327216). AMURT UK was established in 1986 as a grassroots organisation. We form part of a global network of AMURT chapters (Individual groups), who all deliver a broad range of services to those in need. We work with a range of organisations and groups to develop and run projects and initiatives aimed and benefiting vulnerable people in need. OUR ..→

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AMURT on Spazio Libero of RAI3 (25 June 2019, Italy - marga) On Tuesday 25 June , Cosimo De Cillis (president of AMURT ITALIA), Giacomo Boselli (national coordinator AMURT) and Lisa Pessina (AMURT volunteer) were in Rome to participate in the RAI3 program Spazio Libero , hosted by editor-in-chief AnnaMaria Baccarelli. In a cordial ..→


Stella Polare Onlus ( Italy) The Stella Polare Onlus Foundation is a non-profit entity that wants to be a dynamic social force for all-round progress. Through sensitive principles of life and activities that promote social well-being, she wants to awaken in people the awareness that living consciously contributes to creating a true paradise in our lives.

The Stella Polare Onlus ..→


AMURT Italy (Rome Region) is the association of reference in Italy of the international network Amurt Global Network. Operational for over 20 years, in the main areas of intervention of the Association, especially through the activities of collecting and sending funds to humanitarian aid projects and development. Over time, Amurt Italy has developed skills ..→

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