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Since 1969 when Ananda Marga came to Europe, there has been an constant effort to move forward without looking back. This category group strives to review WHAT and HOW did we and other active members earlier do in Berlin Sector. Finding possibilities to revitalise inactive activities or forgotten establishments, in order not to reinvent what are still available.
History Programs and activities

History: Commedia School


The Commedia School (Denmark) is a 2 year actor training program founded by Ole Brekke and Carlo Mazzone in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since 1978, the school has started students on successful careers in many areas of performing including stage, street theater, ..→

History:Food For All London


Food For All ( England) Opened in 1975 by Govinda and Meeta Lovage, Food For All is a non-profit health food store which started trading in Stoke Newington by offering grains, pulses, herbs, flours and wholefoods that were bought in bulk and ..→

History: Sunrise North London


Sunrise London (England) started in 1980 in Stoke Newington to provide high-quality education at a fair cost to Hackney families. The Tottenham Primary School opened in 1987, the Nursery was registered in 2005.

In 1982, the Sunrise ..→

AMURT Romania 1993-2016


AMURT Romania 1993-2016 (Romania - Marga History) 1993 to 2008: Domnesti Children's Home: for children with the love and special care that they needed to overcome the challenges caused by the traumas of their early life experiences. 2009 to 2015 (2017): An ..→

History: Ananda Kalyani


Many years ago ( Portugal) Ananda Marga was trying to develop a Master Unit project in Portugal. We found the perfect land is and the conditions to transform the dream into a reality. A group of pioneers started living for the past 10 months in a base ..→

Baba in Fiesch


Baba in Fiesch May 1997 (AMPS - Marga history) There was talk in the air: "Baba is coming to Europe... Baba is coming to Europe!". It was like a hushed whisper, no one wanting to say it too loud because someone might hear and then like a secret expressed, the excitement would vanish. "Is it ..→

WWD 2006


WWD General (2006, WWD - Marga history) includes personal instruction in spiritual practices to women by Didis. It also incorporates work in the educational and medical fields through Ananda Marga schools and kindergartens, primary health and alternative medical clinics and camps which specialize in ..→

Romania AM 2007


Romania (2007, Bucharest Region - Marga history) is a land of contrasts with commercial cites and traditional villages. In the countryside, a very traditional old-European. There are usually no indoor plumbing, paved roads, or other modern amenities lifestyle. Homes made from mud and ..→

MK History


Madhu Karuna History (1982, Frankfurt Region - Marga history) Since 1982, Baba started staying in His designated place called MG Quarter at the organisational projects. Today, the organisation has a total of 41 MG Quarters worldwide. Madhu Karuna is one among them, comprising an area of 2800 ..→

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