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COMMERCE DEPARTMENT supervises the establishment and maintenance of all businesses operating on behalf and for the welfare of the Organisation. The SS will approve all policy matters and major decisions. The Commerce Department will select and train qualified personnel to manage and run the businesses. Due to local laws regarding businesses, a legal board of directors may have to be set up. The ultimate authority will rest in the hands of the Commerce Department.
What P.R. Sarkar wrote and said about Commerce and related issues.

What Marga members wrote or do about Commerce and related topics.

What Society does to Commerce related issues.

AMUS - Ananda Marga Universal Store, is supervised by the Commerce Department. The function of AMUS is to purchase essential commodities from the producers at wholesale rates while selling to the general public at reasonable rates. AMUS will run on a non-profit, no-loss basis providing maximum service to the public.

Commerce Department will coordinate with FARPRO and INPRO concerning the business and marketing aspects of farm and industry products.

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Ananda Cafe ( Portugal) was founded in 2012 to promote health and well-being through its sattvik vegetarian meals and delicacies. The aim of Ananda Cafe is also to serve as an open public space where people of all nationalities, background and professions, can meet and share different alternative ideas, while enjoying healthy, delicious food.

To make this ..→

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Food For All ( England) We are a not-for-profit vegetarian/vegan health food shop that has served the people of Hackney for over 40 years and are committed to assisting the local community achieve optimum health and wellbeing through natural means. Our large product range includes wholefoods, superfoods, dry and fresh goods, supplements, body care, ..→

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