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ERAWS is the biggest department of A.M.P.S. It covers a large number of service-based institutions and programmes. For better and efficient management and smooth and effective functioning. ERAWS has been divided into Sections, Sub-sections and Branches.
What P.R. Sarkar wrote and said about ERAWS and related issues.
What Marga members wrote or do about ERAWS and related topics.

What Society does to ERAWS related issues.

The head of the ERAWS department is called Central ERAWS Secretary – I, who is the overall In-charge of ERAWS Dept, also known as E.S.-1.

There is also another ERAWS Secy known as E.S.-2, who is to assist ES-1 and especially look after all the activities of Higher Education – both non-technical and technical education – of ERAWS (above primary section).

The head of a section is called In-charge – eg. Education In-charge (E.I.), Relief In-charge (R.I.) and Medical In-charge, etc.

The sections have been divided into branches. The branch head is called a secretary, eg the head of AMSAI branch is known as AMSAI Sec, Head of AMUPRESO branch of Relief Section II is known as AMUPRESO Sec. etc.

Sections of ERAWS

  1. Education Section
  2. Relief Section
  3. Welfare Section

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Domnesti Farm Project (2014, Bucharest Region) is a collaboration between AMURT Romania and United Way of Romania. The Domnesti land of 14,000 m2 got a new "makeup" by the volunteering members from City Bank. Agriculture machines and seedlings were provided by United Way of Romania.

This project is one of the activities of the Homeless Youth Project, were the youth learn to cultivate and ..→

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Hanover Kindergarten ( Germany) The Ananda Marga Special Academic Institution produces is equipping nursery graduates with a holistic preparatory education. The school provides an early childhood education that develops the children in its full potential that includes the physical, emotional, intellectual, creative, intuitive, and spiritual capacities. It not only focuses ..→

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Educating for a Bright Future (12-17 July 2019, Italy) Global Association of Neohumanist Educators (GANE) partnered with several affiliated organizations to bring together over a hundred leading neohumanist educators from twenty five countries in order to deliberate on the theme: Educating for a Bright Future. The gathering was filled with sweetness and ..→

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Sunshine School Switzerland ( Switzerland) Sunrise Kindergarten offers a fun and educational program for children ages 2 to 6. By creating a safe and nurturing environment in beautiful surroundings we hope to open children’s hearts and minds to the unlimited experiences in the world around them. Teachers use progressive, creative methods to stimulate the children’s ..→