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FARM DEPARTMENT will work in coordination with the Master Unit Department to develop agriculture, gardening, sericulture, bee-keeping, animal husbandry, dairy farming, plant and soil protection, irrigation,conservation and ecology. The Farm Department will also foster a good relationship with all groups both public and private who are related to the above activities. A monthly newsletter should be published to keep the Margiis and public updated about latest trends and ideas in farming.
What P.R. Sarkar wrote and said about Farm and related issues.

What Marga members wrote or do about Farm and related topics.

What Society does to Farm related issues.

FARPRO (Farm Products) is a section of Farm Department. The function of FARPRO is to activate all cultivable lands of AMPS in order to meet the total requirements of staple food for all homes and institutions of AMPS in the same district. Secondly, after all requirements are met, to produce cash crops and farm products necessary for the financial maintenance and expansion of the farms.

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