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FOOD AND CARE DEPARTMENT is to concentrate on solving the problems of food and proper care of all beings in society.
What P.R. Sarkar wrote and said about Food and Care and related issues.

What Marga members wrote or do about Food and Care and related topics.

What Society does to Food and Care related issues.

Food and Care

  1. All children and other AM institution members.
  2. All WTs and LFTs.
  3. Old and invalid moralist.
  4. All moralist.
  5. All human beings ( moral or anti-social).
  6. Old and invalid animals.
  7. Decaying species of fauna and flora.
  8. All animals and plants.

Secondly, Food and Care Department is to raise public awareness regarding the world food problem, promote Food For All movements and publish literature relating to these critical issues.

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