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This category group display the Sectorial level programs and activities where larger number of members are participating from different regions, such as conference, DMS, etc.
Welcome to feel the Bliss of Berlin Sectorial Conference 2020. Connect ONLINE or attend smaller REGIONAL gatherings to Ananda Marga Way of Life through Eco and Spiritual Action.
DMS Fiesch 2019 (1-5 May 2019, Switzerland - Sector) 1979 in Fiesch was unique in the sense that it was the only Ananda Purnima outside of Delhi Sector, where the devotees got the special opportunity to celebrate the birthday of Baba in His divine blissful presence. Baba graced some of the fortunate devotees with His personal contact and blessed a few revolutionary married couples. Baba disclosed the historical facts that Shiva used to drive on the yak through the Alps ..→
Madhu Karuna Conference 2018 (Thursday, 2 August 2018, Frankfurt Region) The Ananda Marga Summer Conference 2018 at Madhu Karuna, Germany, took place 30 years after the first conference held in 1988. The 2018 program became special with a rainbow. The program started with two days UTC, a special training camp on 26th and 27th July before Madhu Karuna conference. Workhops on leadership, conflict management brought members into the work place to be of service in the society. From the UTC ..→

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