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ISMUB DEPARTMENT means Inspection, Seminar, Movement, Utilization and Board. Shrii P.R. Sarkar has said that "System without speed is useless and speed without system is dangerous". This department is responsible to see that the organization is efficiently running according to ideological standard, both in system and in speed.
What P.R. Sarkar wrote and said about ISMUB and related issues.

What Marga members wrote or do about ISMUB and related topics.

What Society does to ISMUB related issues.

INSPECTION system insures a tight check on whether or not all offices are operating according to standard. Seminar duties are delegated during R.D.S. wherein every district of the sector is "covered" by a specific date, place, organizer and trainer. The seminar topics are given every six months at the time of D.M.S. in Ananda Nagar. These topics reflect the current philosophical knowledge being disseminated world wide by Ananda Marga. This insures a systematic development of collective psychology. Each Margii is expected to attend the seminar and take a specific duty. The seminar reports are to be collected and scrutinized by the ISMUB Department.

MOVEMENT means the conscious effort by each Margii and Whole Timer to see that a dynamic flow is being generated in every unit. For example, Food For All movement, Employment For All, Anti- smoking movement, Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Plants, Anti- phonograph, Vegetarian movement, Aid to poor students, Anti- pollution, etc. These movements throughout the Sector are supervised and controlled by the ISMUB Department.

UTILIZATION means that a conscious effort is being made by all Margiis and Whole Timers to utilize the physical, mental and spiritual capacities within Ananda Marga. Every land, every building, every object, every plant,every mind and every soul should be engaged to the maximum for the upliftment of creation. ISMUB Department will be actively supporting the activity.

BOARD means the setting up of Advisory Committees and working Boards (ACB) of every department and on every level, i.e.. unit, village, panchayat, upabhukti, bhukti diocese,region and sector. This will insure the proper management and supervision of the entire organization. It is the duty of ISMUB Department to monitor and control the efficiency of these boards and committees.

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