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MASTER UNIT DEPARTMENT supervises the use of land allocated for Master Unit. As the name implies, all the departments of Ananda Marga are given scope to express themselves on the Master unit. Many research activities as well are slated to develop on the Master Unit especially in the field of agriculture. The ultimate aim is to create a self- sufficient economic complex which provides a holistic environment for all around development.
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Master Units around the globe

Shri P.R.Sarkar said that in the future, the organization would be supported by publications and medicines. His book on Yogic Treatments prescribes medicines that are almost entirely plant-based (with a few exceptions). So, what does that imply about the future of medicine?

Ananda Marga, Department

A Master Units (MU) is like an eco-village and founded on the principles of sustainable development as enunciated by Sarkar - the founder. Anandanagar is the global MU that was initiated by Sarkar. He gave very many detailed guidelines for its development. Only a very small portion of his plans have been implemented so far. Most of the master units are in the rural areas and currently, there are a few hundred of them around the world.

One of the long-term objectives of the MU's is the establishment of self-sufficient Organic Farming model communities close to Nature. In the future, these units will serve as examples of self-sufficiency and all-round development of the individual and the surrounding communities. There are 7 active MU's, producing organic products with another properties waiting to be utilized. The communities function on the principle of maximum utilization and rational distribution of the resources of the individual, the collective and Nature.

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Ananda Kalyani ( Portugal) is a settlement focused on all-round sustainability (environmental, economic and social sustainability) and local development, with a vision of being a model for sustainable 21st century living. Its located in a gorgeous green valley in the centre of Portugal near the beautiful Serra da Estrela Nature Reserve. Over the last years we transformed this ..→

London Region


Ananda Bharati ( Ireland - WWD) In the heart of Ireland, in County Clare, you will find the Sunrise Farm Master Unit, also known as Ananda Bharati. This eco-friendly organic farm and bakery, and soon to be healing and meditation center, has attracted many volunteers and visitors to date. Didi Ananda Prama, the caretaker, with the help of many hands, has developed an oasis of beauty ..→

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Ananda Gaorii ( Denmark) Our primary mission is to offer an experiential learning experience to those who come and stay with us. We have a mix of short and long term volunteers including young travelers who find us on volunteer websites, long term volunteers sponsored by the European Voluntary Service (EVS) and local Danes who find out about us by word of mouth or through our ..→

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Ananda Prasuna - Retiers ( France) Practicing and cultivating herbs. Provides information and practice to tone up and heal yourself through healing plants. Place for the information and the sharing of the scientific knowledge and wisdom of the ancient and new therapies in Herbalism. Program and activities such as forum on herbalism, Chinese and Tibetan herbs, Recepies and ..→

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Ananda Putta Bhumi (( Poland) - Master Unit) This is a big (46 hectare) organic farm Ananda Putta Bhumi on which various vegetables and fruits are grown and cows kept. The farm is located in a beautiful mountainous area, in a valley 15 km south of Jelenia Gora and is run by the non-profit organisation called Ananda Marga Society of Poland. The farm is leaded by an Indian ..→


Ananda Ashisha ( Poland) - WWD) AMERC (Farm Center) is a combination between an ecological farm and a yoga and meditation retreat. It is amongst one of the many projects inspired and founded by Shrii P R Sarkar (also known as Shrii Shrii Anandamurti), the founder of Ananda Marga. We are an education center and a spiritual training place where a student can learn under ..→

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Ananda Vipasa ( Italy) The Master Unit Vipasa Ananda is situated between the mountains and the Valpolicella Lessini a few miles from the park by the waterfall and the prehistoric Molina Vejo bridge, 10 kilometers from Lake Garda and 20 from Verona in northern Italy. The project started in 1987 as a project called Cooperative Oasis, where once were the remains of a nearby quarry. The ..→

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Ananda Shyamala ( Finland) The Nuutajärvi Manor (Swedish Notsjö Gård) is a manor in Urjala, Pirkanmaa. The manor is located in the village of Nuutajärvi of the same name and in an urban area near the Nuutajärvi glass factory. The manor is surrounded by a large English-style park and leads to long birch trees towards the village of the glass factory.

In 2011, specialty doctor ..→

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