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PROUT Norway (2018, Norway) marches for the Promotion of Local Fodder in Agriculture. On Saturday 29 September PROUT Norge (Prout Norway) participated in the demonstration they had catalyzed to raise consciousness about the import of soy from Brazil as feed for livestock and fisheries. Approximately 100 participants gathered including members and activists from LAG (Latin American Groups of Norway), NU (Nature and Youth), and Nyt Orientering (New Orientation).

The protest received significant coverage in two major newspapers, Nationen (The Nation) and Aftenposten (Evening Post). Prior to this action on the streets an article by Ole Morten Lyng discussing the topic was widely circulated in various media.

In recent decades, Norwegian agriculture has been portrayed as being an important part of developing the local economy, especially dairy and pork production. Traditionally the feed for livestock has been based on hay or other products grown in Norway. After the development of power feed, fish oil and fish products have been used.

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