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Prout in Practice Workgroup (1 August 2018, PROUT - Plan) -The question for this workshop was: How can we as Margis work closer together as we share the same values and mission in life and how can we by doing so, help make Ananda Marga also become financially sustainable?

This group exercised methods and discussed ideas on how to connect Margiis in the business world, to work closer together and by doing so, spread the vision of Prout in the workplace. Hypothesis: Ananda Marga has many hidden talents and connecting them would leverage its collective power in the business world, thus its influence on society.

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  • The basic need people have is to be happy at work and be able to grow. That it would be great to eventually support AM with the business was so far away or something that would come once everyone is financially stable themselves.
  • It could be a vision. But to create the concept, it needs to trigger first ones own basic need and that margis work together.
  • Making money for margiis’ might work; (or money making margiis?); it would certainly achieve the aim stated and the tag line could be something like from Prout to Reality or Prout in Practice?
  • We liked the name because we felt it was like from Prout to Reality, that is making Prout an actual sustainable ideology in a business and how you do that. The main thrust, however was business for margiis that aligned with our ideology.
  • Some may argue, Prout is much more than "finance".... economy, anti-movement, politics, etc. The name "Prout to Reality" sounds interesting.

Workgroup Presentation 2018

Attendance: Madini, Damayanti, Didi Ananda Udaya, Dada Kalyanvratananda, (add other names)

Starting questions of the Workgroup:

  • What businesses we do
  • How to grow as an organization
  • What are the first struggles with a business

Create a Business Flow

Identify the goal and objectives -- > see what you want to see --> real or dream (do a visual practice).

Prepear your consciousness: (“what I want”)

  • R - Reticular
  • A - Activation
  • S - System

Transforming the Mind/Thoughts into Action:

  • Check mind set and money set ---> fear “vomit”
  • Action --> find the person and tell the money story
  • What you earn and your experience --> Trust

What are the concerns and needs? (group game)

  • I don’t have enough resourced
  • I don’t have enough skills
  • I am not able to take of my health
  • I don’t have proper housing
  • My clothes are worn and outdated

Conclusion of the game ----> cooperatives

What we as a workgroup has in common

  • Spirituality
  • Language
  • DC

Before you die, what is the thing you want to give to the world?

  • What I want
  • Money (trust)
  • Needs
  • To have in common

Other points

  • Education, to learn more skills
  • Tool to solve complex problems
  • Strong identity
  • Step-by-step approach
  • Apply the potentials from the top and build from bottom “grassroots” up
  • Exemplary models and cooperatives
  • Awareness what others do
  • Invest in HR
  • Create value oriented work
  • Legislative memorandum
  • Company culture
  • Online business
  • Profit share.... Who needs what
  • Company deliverance --> education and environment resources
  • Manual -- easy to understand

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