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RENAISSANCE UNIVERSAL (RU) DEPARTMENT acts as the platform for professionals, executives, scientists, artists, journalists, lawyers, academics, students, and other groups of thinkers. The purpose is to unite these intellectuals on the common issues of concern ie. Universal ideas, environmental awareness, social dynamism and moral development, etc and hold symposium, seminars and conferences to stimulate a collective effort to solve the basic problems. RU clubs are to be started in every unit and reports are to be submitted regularly.
What P.R. Sarkar wrote and said about RU-RAWA and related issues.

What Marga members wrote or do about RU-RAWA and related topics.

What Society does to RU-RAWA related issues.

Aims of the RU clubs are

  • To promote individual and collective ethical responsibility for applying science, arts etc for the welfare of the planet.
  • To propagate the ideals of self-realisation and social change
  • To help relieve the suffering of the oppressed and disadvantaged
  • To organise debates, essay competitions, research work etc.
  • To distribute clothes, books and medical aid to the poor
  • To work for the establishment of guaranteed basic necessities; food, clothes, shelter, medical care and education

Renaissance Artists and Writers Association (RAWA) is a branch of RU that deals with artist and writers who wish to use their talents to promote “art for service and blessedness”.

The Aims of RAWA are

  • To develop the finer faculties of the human mind through music, drama, song, dance, poetry etc.
  • To encourage the subtler branches of art
  • To bring change in social values through art
  • To establish RAWA clubs enabling artist of all types to socialise, communicate, organise concerts, art exhibitions, research new art forms etc.
  • To help purchase equipment to be used by the members of RAWA
  • To organise fund raising programmes
  • To protect the artist from commercial exploitation

Additional: To popularise Prabhat Samgiita through cassettes, CDs, concerts

Duties for RU/RAWA workers and optees

  1. Formation of RU clubs and RAWA Committees, firstly in all regional headquarters, important towns, and places where AMPS units have already been formed.
  2. To start RU clubs in all the towns and villages of the world where there is a degree college or technical college or technical school or higher scholar school or high school.
  3. To start RAWA Committees in each and every part of the world.
  4. To arrange for printing and publishing newsletter every month.
  5. To publish magazine in every recognised language of the world.

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