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Seva Dharma Mission (SDM) focuses on spiritual practices. It promotes a new humanistic (neo-humanistic) and universal outlook which leads to spiritual fulfillment and universal welfare. The objective is to help individuals achieve their highest potential and to work towards a society in which the physical, mental and spiritual needs of everyone can be fulfilled.
What P.R. Sarkar wrote and said about SDM and related issues.

What Marga members wrote or do about SDM and related topics.

What Society does to SDM related issues.

Basic tenets of SDM

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LFT Training Center ( Germany - SDM) During the first visit of Baba in Europe from 19th May until 22nd May 1979, one of the places where He stayed was Timmern. This house in Timmern is the only property owned by Ananda Marga in Europe where Baba had stayed during His European tour. In the evening of the 20th of May 1979, Baba gave a Pravacan ..→

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Regional Camp Office ( Italy) Main fuction as Ananda Marga Yoga and Meditation Center. Offers a variety of activities for those interested in developing a holistic lifestyle based on compassion and social awareness. It is a beautiful blend of activities devoted to expansion of our individual consciousness as well as making a constructive ..→

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