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SOCIAL SECURITY DEPARTMENT (SSD) works primarily to provide basic necessities of life to everyone in society through the implementation of the cooperative system.
What P.R. Sarkar wrote and said about Social Security and related issues.

What Marga members wrote or do about Social Security and related topics.

What Society does to Social Security related issues.

SSD objective is

  1. To provide basic necessities of life to everyone in the society through the implementation of cooperatives.
  2. To provide a sound and balanced socio-economic foundation to the society through the implementation of cooperative system.

List of Establishments under SSD

  1. Consumer’s cooperatives: Upabhokta Samgraham
  2. Producer’s cooperatives: Utpadaka Samgraham
  3. House Building cooperatives: Bastukara Samgraham
  4. Family Annuity cooperatives: Vipraya Trana Samgraham
  5. Cooperative Bank: Arthopayoga Samgraham

Duties of Social Security Secretary

  1. To start house building and other construction projects for poor people in different portions of India and other countries.
  2. To start cooperatives credit societies to save people from financial insolvency.
  3. To start producers cooperative to help agricultural, commercial and industrial producers.
  4. To start consumers cooperatives to help poor people in getting their main requirements at a moderate rate.
  5. To start insurance and family annuity programmes to help poor people as per Carya’carya.
  6. To see whether social security systems of Ananda Marga coming within the scope of ERAWS are functioning or not.
  7. Social Security Dept is to inform the public that without the cooperative movement there cannot be any healthy socio-economic order. So concerned optees should try to start a large number of the five types of cooperatives within their jurisdictions. A short booklet regarding the aims and objects, rules and regulations of our five types of cooperatives should be with the optees for ready reference (get the manuscript of the same prepared and approved by higher authority).

Cooperatives are to be started by selling shares among the moralists. However, to manage each cooperative there will be separate structure depending on the size and volume capacity of the cooperative.

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