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SOCIETY BUILDING DEPARTMENT aims at creating a healthy society by encouraging and guiding youths and couples to lead a proper family life based on spiritual ideals and also encouraging youths to dedicate their life for serving the society as a whole time worker of Ananda Marga Society
What P.R. Sarkar wrote and said about Society Building and related issues.

What Marga members wrote or do about Society Building and related topics.

What Society does to Society Building related issues.

There are three sections in society building dept

  1. WT/Revolutionary Marriage. To build a strong and well knit social order by introduction of revolutionary marriages as per Ananda Marga system, except where the candidate wishes to become WT.
  2. Marriage Support and Advice. To arrange for socio-economic rehabilitation of Ananda Marga couples who married as per Ananda Marga revolutionary marriage system.
  3. Reconciliation Counselling. To appoint a code of justice in case of any

disunity or serious quarrel of an Ananda Margii couple, as laid down in Carya’carya.

Within the Society Building Department, the Ananda Marga Marriage Bureau has been set up to deal exclusively with activities related to Revolutionary Marriages. This Bureau deals with activities such as the receiving and providing of Bio-Datas of prospective brides and grooms to interested candidates, performing Revolutionary Marriages, Registration of Marriages, redressal of post marital conflicts etc.

Duties of Society Building Dept

  1. To encourage revolutionary marriage (RM) and inform boys and girls of marriageable age that they are either to become WT or marry according to Revolutionary marriage (RM) system.
  2. To inform all Margiis that the organisation requires a large number of WTs for proper materialisation of the noble scheme.
  3. Society Building Department should charge a registrations fee for each marriage.
  4. It should also charge training centres to cover the transportation expenses of sending WTs.

Revolutionary Marriage (RM)

In Ananda Marga following marriages are generally considered as Revolutionary.

  • Inter caste marriages.
  • Inter national marriages.
  • Inter racial marriages.
  • Inter religious marriages.
  • Inter tribal marriages.
  • Widow remarriages.
  • Marriage with a woman that has been forsaken by her husband.
  • Marriage with a shelterless women.

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