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Sport and ASD Workgroup (1 August 2018, ASD - Plan) - To render effective all round services and care to all people in distress in every nook and corner of the society. To reach the most neglected and downtrodden people and provide them with their different necessities together with the minimum requirements of life in a regular and perennial manner. To establish a well organised structure of totally dedicated services by imparting proper training and necessary expertise. And to create awareness amongst masses through different social programmes regarding their rights and responsibilities as ideal social beings and also regarding the permanent solution of socio-economic emancipation of all and sundry.

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Duties and Responsibilities

1. Direct Relief Duties - To implement the existing programmes of various relief activities directly attached to Seva Dal (list attached).

2.Security assistance – to fulfil in SHOMM (School, Home, Office, Master Unit and Medical) duties as per the existing programmes.

3.Study and survey – to conduct regular study and survey of villages by contacting each house for ascertaining their actual needs.

4.Trained Relief volunteers – to conduct social service camps for training and creating relief volunteers in maximum numbers.

5.Relief stores – organise and start relief stores in district and block level to facilitate the proper relief activities.

Raktim kishalay

Raktim kishalay is the 50th song of Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar's Prabhat Samgiita.[1][2][3] It is also known as the Seva Dal song or the flag song, because Seva Dal cadre sing this song in a call-response fashion before raising and lowering the Ananda Marga flag.

Raktim kishalay (ámi) Sojá pathe cali ámi Báṋká pathe kabhu kabhu nay

Ámár sumukhe áche shyámala shobhá Ámár dupáshe áche aruńa ábhá Uṋcu shire cali ámi Niicu shire kabhu kabhu nay

Ámár báhute áche vajrera bal Ámár áṋkhite áche drśt́i vimal Sojá kathá bhávi ámi Báṋká kathá kabhu kabhu nay


This is how Sarkar himself described the meaning of the song

"People should always remember that they are like kishalay, reddish tender leaves. You know, when leaves are very tender, they are reddish; and those reddish leaves are called kishalay in Saḿskrta. When, after some time, those leaves become green, they are called patra. And when the leaves become old and yellowish, they are called parn’a. Now, here it is said, "I am kishalay. I am a reddish leaf. And I always move forward along a straight path, and not along any curved line. My thoughts are always clear and concise. And I keep my thoughts and sentiments above all impurities."