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List of establishments and activities by PROUT, SDM, ASD and SD with the common aim of being directly involved in the society. Providing the economic, spiritual and security needed for a progressive human society.



PROUT Office Copenhagen (Denmark - PROUT) To promote and implement PROUT – Progressive Utilization Theory, a new socio-economic paradigm. Through educational efforts and materials, social movements and activities of its various programs, Proutist Universal seeks to ensure the fulfillment of basic-needs-for-all, an exploitation-free society, ethical leadership, and ..→


Prout in Practice Workgroup (1 August 2018, PROUT - Plan) -The question for this workshop was: How can we as Margis work closer together as we share the same values and mission in life and how can we by doing so, help make Ananda Marga also become financially sustainable?

This group exercised methods and discussed ideas on how to connect Margiis in the business world, to work ..→



Regional Camp Office ( Italy) Main fuction as Ananda Marga Yoga and Meditation Center. Offers a variety of activities for those interested in developing a holistic lifestyle based on compassion and social awareness. It is a beautiful blend of activities devoted to expansion of our individual consciousness as well as making a constructive ..→


Prabhat Samgiit Workgroup (1 August 2018, SDM - Plan) - Prabhat Samgiita is the collection of songs given by Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar from September of 1982 until October of 1990 (the last eight years of his life).[1] For each of the 5,018 songs, Sarkar himself composed the lyrics and put them to melody (sometimes classic, sometimes blended, often original). With such a large and distinctive body of ..→


Kiirtan Workgroup (1 August 2018, SDM - Plan) Kiirtan, how should it be performed - As music of eastern devotional singing, kiirtana plays a major role in Ananda Marga practices. Music compositions are pada kirtan or 'devotional songs' and nama kirtan or 'chanting the name of the divine'. The background of kirtan leds to Rarh, India, the homeland of the Giita Govinda by Jayadeva (11th century), the ..→



SSAC Helsinki ( Finland - ASD) Have you ever felt the exhilaration of being in tune with yourself and your environment during sports or in the outdoors? Do you enjoy sports no matter if your team wins or looses? Do you work on yourself to attain inner harmony and oneness? If the answer is yes, you have reached the right place.

We want to encourage “life education” to kids, ..→

SSAC, Department

SSAC does sports such as the soccer team in a village near Ananda Nagar (West-Bengal) -- Since its inception in 1978, SSAC has been trying to help people in rural areas to develop sports skills. In a country struggling with poverty, all energies have been focused on survival and sports activities have been very much neglected. Sometimes rural development schemes as promoted by ..→


Sport and ASD Workgroup (1 August 2018, ASD - Plan) - To render effective all round services and care to all people in distress in every nook and corner of the society. To reach the most neglected and downtrodden people and provide them with their different necessities together with the minimum requirements of life in a regular and perennial manner. To establish a well organised structure of ..→