UTC and Conference 2020

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Welcome to feel the Bliss of Berlin Sectorial Conference 2020. Connect ONLINE or attend smaller REGIONAL gatherings to Ananda Marga Way of Life through Eco and Spiritual Action.

July 25th and 26th UTC ONLINE

Training in Communication, Skills to Solve the Problems of Society, and avenues to effectively deal with the Challenges of Life.

Sectorial Conference July 28th to August 1st ONLINE and 2nd REGIONAL

Satsaunga, Kirtan to Soar the Spirit, BABA STORIES, INSPIRING PHILOSOPHY CLASSES, GROUP DISCUSSIONS on CREATING CHANGE fueled by skills learned in UTC. Tours of our Master Units-Eco Spiritual Communities. Much More…

Schedule and program: https://berlinsectorpedia.eu/wikipedia/index.php/Berlin_Sector_Conference_2020