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Women Welfare Department of Ananda Marga is a women section of Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha (AMPS), established in the year 1965. It is dedicated to uplifting the dignity of women and ensure all women have the opportunity to realize their potentialities - physical, mental and spiritual.

Shrii Shrii Ananda Murtijii, the preceptor of Ananda Marga, in His blessing said, "You as the most dignified section of human society do something for the universal human beings." In the field of spirituality He had never supported the age long dogma of isolation of women in spirituality. To ensure that women were encouraged in learning spiritual practice, He personally initiated a number of sisters in the early days of the mission. Like the male counterpart of the organization, He empowered sisters to be ordained as Aca'rya's of His worldwide mission those who would be guiding the entire womanhood into the path of spirituality.

WOMEN`S WELFARE DEPARTMENT works for the all-round development and upliftment of women in society. WWD is divided into several specialised sections which address specific areas of women’s needs.

Master Unit

Yogic nuns (Didis) provide instruction, counseling and personal guidance to women as they advance along the path of yoga. Spiritual practitioners are encouraged to lead a sentient life (vegetarian diet, smoke, drug and alcohol free). Unlike any traditional spiritual paths, in Ananda Marga, the nuns are as fully trained and qualified as the monks in imparting all the lessons of yoga and meditation. WWD manages meditation & yoga centers, schools, children’s homes, medical clinics, youth hostels, short and long term disaster relief. All projects and centers of WWD are managed by yoga nuns and/or volunteers. didis class “Let women be the vanguard of a new revolution which humanity must achieve for a glorious tomorrow.” – Shrii P.R.Sarkar

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Eight sections of WWD

  1. Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team - Ladies (AMURTEL) established in 1975 with the mission to alleviate suffering and provide immediate and long term relief to women and children in need.
  1. Children's Home - WWD manages hundreds of homes for parentless and destitute children all over the world. We embrace each and every child with love and affection nurture them in Ashramic environment for their all round progress.
  1. Hariparimandal Gosthi - Ladies (HPMGL) strives for spiritual upliftment of society through Kiirtana - the highest devotional expression.
  1. Girls Volunteers ( GV) to encourage women to develop the skills and physical fitness necessary to be independent and to protect themselves and their sisters against physical and economic exploitation.
  1. Narii Abhyudaya responsible for creating economic opportunities for women by providing skill training, training in setting up small scale commercial and industrial projects for self-sufficiency of women.
  1. Education This section of WWD is to open and run schools in different parts of the world based on holistic philosophy of Neohumanism. ( Neo-Humanism is the practice of love for all creation including plants, animals and the inanimate world).
  1. Progressive Womens' spiritual Association (PWSA) to ensure uplifting the dignity of women through intellectual development, spiritual guidance and social awareness through study circles etc.
  1. Master Units (Ladies) the rural multipurpose development projects supporting sustainable agriculture developments and social service programme to provide for the need of the local population. In every master units there are schools, children's home, hostels, medical units, cottage industry, agriculture farming etc. Uma Nivas (Anandanagar) has been our centre of activities with all the different projects. We are also running a girl's high school there.
  1. Girls' Prout (GP) Girls' Proutists are committed to the struggle for justice and equality for all members of society, particularly, fight for the economic independence and self-sufficiency of women section of the society.

Around Sector

Algeria Region

Amsterdam Region

Bucharest Region


Working with Roma villagers ( Hungary - WWD) Dregelypalank has 1400 inhabitants; out of them approximately 400 Roma. Most of them live at the outskirts of the village. Unemplyment, poor nutrition, lack of education and poor housing condition are characteristic. Our project is trageting the disadvataged ..→


Valea Lupului Guesthouse ( Romania - WWD) You will find the Guest House nestled amongst gentle hills and lush woodland. To the west is the Chichilau Mountain, home, two thousand years ago, of Romania's first settlers, the Daker. The archaeological finds of three excavations are proof of these original inhabitants. East of the Guest House the River Buzau ..→


Gradinita Rasarit Kindergarten - ( Romania - WWD) We give fundamental importance to creating a loving, warm, creative environment where each child will feel special and appreciated. At Rasarit, learning is a joyful discovery experience using “play-way method”. Teachers use progressive, creative methods to stimulate the children’s ..→

Frankfurt Region


WWD Office ( Germany - WWD) is the coordinating center of the Didis in Europe and North Africa. It supports and coordinates the far reaching activities of the WWD. Develop the spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, and socio-economical well-being of women and children around Europe.

Address: Elisabethhenstr 18, ..→

Gibraltar Region


Valencia Yoga Center (Spain -WWD) Through our meditation center and service projects, we offers instruction in meditation, yoga and other self-development practices without commercial purposes, and responds to social emergencies and long-term social needs. Vegetarian cooking classes and various activities with spritual theme. All our activities are run on social service, ..→

London Region


Sunrise Primary and Nursery Schools ( England - WWD) is a harmonious balance between academic guidance, creative expression and inner growth, to develop the highest potential in every child. Based on a synthesis of the UK National Curriculum, Montessori methods and Neo-Humanist principles, our ..→


Ananda Bharati ( Ireland - WWD) In the heart of Ireland, in County Clare, you will find the Sunrise Farm Master Unit, also known as Ananda Bharati. This eco-friendly organic farm and bakery, and soon to be healing and meditation center, has attracted many volunteers and visitors to date. Didi Ananda Prama, the caretaker, with the help of many hands, has developed an oasis of beauty ..→

Moscow Region

Oslo Region


WWD Norway ( Norway - WWD) In Norway, Ananda Marga is represented with two centers, one in Oslo and one in Trondheim. Besides these, three kindergartens are run. Kindergarten bases its educational curriculum on Prabhat Ranjan's Neo Humanism ideology.
Address: Sofies gate, 75a, Oslo 0454, Norway, WWD Oslo

Paris Region

Prague Region


LFT/LPT Training (September 2019, Poland - WWD) Ten trainees came from Ukraine, Russia, China, Italy and Portugal for one month LFT/LPT training, which took place our Master Unit/ecofarm in Eastern Poland. The head educator Didi Ananda Dayshiila came from Italy, where she is posted. She taught the teachings of ..→


Ananda Ashisha ( Poland) - WWD) AMERC (Farm Center) is a combination between an ecological farm and a yoga and meditation retreat. It is amongst one of the many projects inspired and founded by Shrii P R Sarkar (also known as Shrii Shrii Anandamurti), the founder of Ananda Marga. We are an education center and a spiritual training place where a student can learn under ..→

Rome Region


WWD Office ( Italy - WWD) Ananda Marga has been in Italy for over 35 years. We had established our organization in many places with many units holding multi activities every year. In D'orvieto WWD office is located which also the yoga center. Through our meditation center and service projects, we offers instruction in meditation, yoga and other ..→

Stockholm Region


Sunrise Kindergarten ( Finland - WWD) Our kindergarten has been in operation since 1996, for children from 2 to 6 years old. Close to the forest, the environment motivates the children to explore nature, find different forest animals and plants, go for hiking, and play creative games and many more! The school is open from 07:45 ..→

Zurich Region