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This page stores visual and audio learning materials.
YouTube Video

Ananda Marga: A Journey in Joy


Ananda Marga: A Journey in Joy - Humanity has come a long way, but has failed to create a society where all can live in peace and harmony. This documentary takes you on a journey through the various aspects of the Ananda Marga organization and its effort to create a ..→

Editing Plastic to oil


Editing Plastic to oil - You can imagine this being put in a car, and instead of filling up at a gas station you just pickup trash and put it in your car!

The automatic convert waste plastic to oil machine is designed with new green technology to convert the waste plastics to ..→

Pink Bat


Pink Bat - Most of our day is spent making decisions and solving problems. Some problems we can figure out on our own, some we need help & access to resources that are outside our grasp. Michael McMillan shares some thinking behind his book "Pink Bat: Turning Problems Into ..→

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