Sicily: 29-31 May 2018 Report

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Sicily: 29-31 May 2018 Report (May 2018, Italy) Sicily seems wealthy, and yet is falling behind. The poorest region in Italy; the country's problem child. (November 2017). In general, a detailed modern history of Italy is lacking. School courses don’t give this scope, heavily Eurocentric, and very little Italian national history post-1920. What is know about Sicily, the social issues:

More than one in five members of the working-age population is unemployed, and almost half of all island residents are either poor or at risk of poverty. Sicily seems wealthy, and yet is falling further and further behind, not just in comparison with industrialized northern Italy, but with the rest of the Mezzogiorno (southern Italy).

The education level is low. 40% of Sicilians leave high school before graduation, despite the mandatory school attendance until 16 and (soon) to 18. Truancy is a serious problem, especially in Palermo, where the semi-employed or unemployed "underclass" constitutes perhaps half the local population. Sicilian universities are not paradise, but the real problem in Sicily is basic education which is reflected in a simple statistical reality confirmed by everyday observations. For example, around Palermo's Piazza Politeama on warm Saturday evenings (around 6 or 7) you'll encounter thousands of children of the underclass (equipped with cell phones and bad attitudes) wandering around shouting, screaming and acting in an undisciplined manner. These teenagers are Sicilians.


Date: 29-31 May 2018, Rasatmakananda