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Spiritual Ecology Workgroup (1 August 2018, PCAP Plan - marga) Why are we interested in Spiritual Ecology? All part of a conjoined topic formed by our personal experience and a general concern between ecology and spirituality. One of the most outstanding aspects is the drama of the various ecosystems around the world. Consequently we need to include ecology in our agriculture because it constitutes one of the psycho- social bridges between human beings and nature This ecological agriculture allows finding food which provides the necessary nourishment for our bodies without damaging the prama (balance) of our cells.

Another aspect to take into account is the loss of the ancestral wisdom that implemented the connection with animals, plants and their biodiversity that facilitate the construction of the world and solve their needs.

Who should be interested in this change occurring? Consciously or not, all of humanity is interested in this transformation. We believe that this change is necessary for survival. We don’t think that this change should be limited to agriculture but the whole economic system, both socially & spiritually based. All of this change is linked to evolving consciousness.


Our vision is of a reestablishment of our connections with nature & our lost links between humankind, animals, plant and the ecosystems that sustain us all. We start from a revolutionary change in global education, taking for example organic agriculture which sustains equilibrium or Prama of both the earth as well as agricultural products. This will help to establish an appreciation of the contribution of the farming community to society as the care taker of the ecosystem as well as supporting a sustainable economic balance between the agricultural community & consumers.


Incorporate ecology as an integrative assistant to spiritual social education

Resources we plan to use

We will use PROUTIST Strategy & Neohumanist Ideology Education story telling, programs for children based on an ecological perspective. Training programs for local volunteers in environmental education for farmers & consumers.

Knowledge gathered from individual experiences based in ecological and spiritual ideas, through individuals that maintain a sustainable economic balance between social and environment awareness. Human capital through volunteering (woofers); but it must be a volunteer with minimal training to be effective. It is also necessary to obtain financial resources. Through different strategies that must be adapted to each situation and place.

What is spiritual ecology

According to Baba’s philosophy, spiritual ecology maintains the law of nature, given adequate respect to all living and inanimate beings, keeping them within the flow of creation. Any imbalance that affects the three spheres (physical, psychic and spiritual) puts the survival of the species and ecosystem at risk, accelerating massive destruction as well.

17 June 1984, Calcutta

Human beings led by self-interest have been neglecting ecology at every step. We should remember that the sky and air, the hills and mountains, the rivers and forests, the wild animals and reptiles, the birds and fishes and all sorts of aquatic creatures and plants are all inseparably related to one another. Human beings are an integral part of that vast common society. No one can survive to the exclusion of others, not even human beings. If they continue to destroy forests, kill wild animals and exterminate fishes and birds foolishly, it won’t serve any of their purposes. Whoever comes onto this world goes. One only survives on this earth for a limited period as stipulated by nature. Due to the foolishness of human beings many creatures and objects will not survive the period fixed for them by nature. Prior to their stipulated period of longevity they will be swallowed up by eternity. Human beings due to their utmost folly have annihilated numerous objects and thus prepared their own funeral pyre. Such folly on the part of human beings is unbearable. Human beings must be cautious from now on. They must restructure their thoughts, plans and activities in accordance with the dictates of ecology. There is no alternative.