Baba in Fiesch

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Baba in Fiesch May 1997 (AMPS - Marga history) There was talk in the air: "Baba is coming to Europe... Baba is coming to Europe!". It was like a hushed whisper, no one wanting to say it too loud because someone might hear and then like a secret expressed, the excitement would vanish. "Is it really true? Can it be possible?"

On May 6th 1979, at about 8.20pm, Baba landed at Geneva Airport. It had been necessary to get prior permission from the Swiss President himself for Baba's entry. Nearly two hundred Margiis from all over the continent had swarmed to this sanctuary. Baba had been expected earlier, but owing to various problems, the plane had been delayed for two hours. The devotees had been singing and dancing kiirtan during this time, and also while Baba had to wait in an office to clear his visa permit.

The air was electric as everyone sang with full expression, awaiting the presence of their teacher who had revolutionised their lives. As He walked into sight, it was as if time had suddenly stopped. There was no past, present or future, only Baba, and each devotee felt that personal connection between disciple and Guru.

Many Margiis were seeing their Guru for the first time, and others had not seen Him for seven years. Joyful tears of oneness and painful tears of separation flooded the eyes – some cried His name aloud while others remained silently within. A sense of ecstasy filled the room as Baba flowed in with a huge smile through the path between two rows of devotees, finally resting on a chair before all. Then He said, "You see, I have kept my word. Two years ago I promised to visit Switzerland at the first opportunity I would get. Now I have come. I am always keeping My word!"