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Kiirtan Workgroup (1 August 2018, SDM - Plan) Kiirtan, how should it be performed - As music of eastern devotional singing, kiirtana plays a major role in Ananda Marga practices. Music compositions are pada kirtan or 'devotional songs' and nama kirtan or 'chanting the name of the divine'. The background of kirtan leds to Rarh, India, the homeland of the Giita Govinda by Jayadeva (11th century), the traditional kirtan performances.

Kiirtan is performed in all Ananda Marga events. Most common is meetings called Dharma Chakras are preceded by the collective singing of a few Prabhat Samgiita (or "Songs of the New Dawn", composed by P. R. Sarkar himself) followed by Baba Nam Kevalam kiirtan, then the well-known Rigvedic mantra called Samgacchadvam. The mantra Nityam Shuddham marks the end of the collective meditation, then the spiritual gathering will end with the Guru Puja mantra.