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Madhu Karuna Conference 2018 (Thursday, 2 August 2018, Frankfurt Region) The Ananda Marga Summer Conference 2018 at Madhu Karuna, Germany, took place 30 years after the first conference held in 1988. The 2018 program became special with a rainbow. The program started with two days UTC, a special training camp on 26th and 27th July before Madhu Karuna conference. Workhops on leadership, conflict management brought members into the work place to be of service in the society. From the UTC training, facilitators were created to build a dynamic cooperative program during the conference imbibing the principals of Neohumanism and empowering members to enact the changes we want to create in the world.

On the 1st day of conference, during opening ceremony, there was an "open space" call where anyone was free to start one workgroup. A workgroup someone is passionate about. One brother called for "Prout" expecting many to join. No one joined. Most likely, same would have had happened with departmental names like "Dharma Pracar", "Education", "Women's Welfare", etc. This time, what interested the Margiis they got motivated by "Money and Financial Sustainability", "Create and Maintain Members", and "Bird cannot fly with one wing". It was the content which attracted Margiis..... their passion relate to their life, work and organisation. For some reason, departmental and trade names "labels" didn't motivate them.

As a good example, there is a youtube video clip which describes this well. One person is begging on the street with signboard asking for money. No one gives him. One businessman goes to him, takes the signboard and writes a different text. With this new content, people start giving money.

Download here the UTC & Conference News pdf:



A working group or working party is a group of experts or like minded members working together to achieve specified goals. The groups are domain-specific and focus on discussion or activity around a specific subject area.

The lifespan of a working group can last anywhere between a few months and several years.

A working group’s performance is made up of the individual results of all its individual members. A team’s performance is made up of both individual results and collective results. In large organisations, working groups are prevalent, and the focus is always on individual goals, performance and accountabilities. Working group members do not take responsibility for results other than their own. On the other hand, teams require both individual and mutual accountability. There is more information sharing, more group discussions and debates to arrive at a group decision.

Examples of common goals for working groups include:

  • creation of an informational document
  • creation of a standard
  • resolution of problems related to a system or network
  • continuous improvement
  • research

Madhu Karuna Workgroups

Dharma Pracar
Survive and MU
Prout in Practice
Spirit of Kaosikii
Dharma Pracar Survive and MU Prout in Practice Spirit of Kaosikii
Spiritual Ecology
Sport and ASD
Prabhat Samgiit
Spiritual Ecology Sport and ASD Kiirtan Prabhat Samgiit
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